Why I started All Things New

Our New Adventure! My sweet family ready to tear down and build up!

Design is a passion of mine. I have a degree in Graphic Communication, which is a fancy way to say Graphic Design specifically for print. I am and have been a graphic designer for years, making logos, print materials, etc. However, nothing gets me more excited than designing a home. I could spend hours looking at Houzz, catalogs, and Instagram. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about because here you are reading another blog about design. The designs I want to feature here are local designers to Southern California. I want to showcase our area and focus on products that I have used, that contractors actually use, and find new products to use in my Flips and personal construction.

Now to talk about All Things New. I am a Realtor® in So Cal and I love talking Real Estate. It’s really not the buying and selling that get me excited, it is the personality of each home, the dreams I have of opening up walls and making it better. It’s the dream of being new, and the personal connection I have to restoration. Restoration is a beautiful thing! In humans and in houses! haha. But I digress, I know many people just getting into a home it is a HUGE accomplishment. Let’s face it, here in Southern California, the housing market is crazy expensive. That being said, when I walk through homes I can’t help but start pushing walls back in my head and imagining to which wall I would add wallpaper.

I have the benefit to being married to a general contractor here in So Cal. We have renovated our personal homes and sold twice, and are currently at the beginning of a HUGE build on our current home. We actually completely leveled it, so it’s a “ground up” build for all intensive purposes. I intend to post updates and details about my house in the “My House” page. Please ask any questions along the way.

My goal here is to have a place for local residents to find local brands and companies they can use in their own homes, source my own purchases for you, give updates on homes and flips in the local area, and make a space where you can dream about what All Things New could look like in your home. I am so excited to take this journey with you all.

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