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About All Things New

Hi I’m Ande Siler. I’ve been remodeling homes with my husband for almost 10 years. We bought our first house when we were first married and put every penny we had into it. We were young and inexperienced and it turned out incredible to us. We completely remodeled it, added a bathroom, a new kitchen, and a new outdoor space. The house had it’s flaws, but I was hooked.

As my husbands business grew my love for design was put on hold with our first child. I concentrated on my graphic design career and hoped to make it big with my new letterpress. Turns out you need a lot of time for a letterpress! haha. Something of which is in little commodity when you have children. So I decided to get into real estate, because why not! After getting my license it seemed like the perfect fit.

We had moved once more being pregnant with our second, and selling our house for a profit we were able to get into the community I was dreaming of living in. Old trees, warm neighbors, and a cute little park to walk to. My love of design continued and I tried making our newish house my own without demolition. This wasn’t working for us and it was frustrating.

New Adventures

To pass the time we decided to flip a house! It went off without a hitch and we were able to make this horrible old house new again. It was so gratifying and I cannot wait to flip another home after mine is finished. Fast-forward to another house, we bought in the same neighborhood but better elementary school district and decided to go for the dream.


Always Evolving

So, we’re building a house from the ground up. It’s a HUGE project to undertake and I’ve got so many ideas running through my head daily. I seriously cannot believe I get to do this and I’m so stoked to share my build with all of you. Along with our house build you will find other stories of amazing local remodels. My husband who was featured on HGTV this year on season 2 of Hidden Potential is uber tallented. He has some incredible designers he works with and all of that will be featured here as well. Thanks for following along in our journey of making all things new!


Ande Siler