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We made it to drywall. As far as a large project goes, this is a HUGE deal. This means we passed our MEPS inspection and we are two inspections away from being done! Drywall in this large of a house took a long time. Another thing most people don’t know is when you’re talking about […]


My project is dragging currently. There’s been a lot of slow movement from our electricians. Family issues, holidays, etc. We should be at drywall already but with these difficulties we are still waiting on the MEPS inspection. We did get a jump on it and have a plumbing and HVAC inspection already which we passed […]


You might have heard this term before from a construction professional. It stands for Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Structural. This is big people. This is the inside function of your home, and the integrity of all your systems. This is where we are right now. And this is where we will be for a few weeks. […]


Hip Hip Hooray I have a house to walk into… sort of. We’ve finished the subfloor, the rough in plumbing and main is all switched out. Side note- I highly recommend scoping your main plumbing while renovating something of this magnitude. I didn’t realize when we bought the property but our main line goes out […]


We’ve poured foundation finally. I was very excited when the first pump truck arrived with the concrete. I think in total we needed 5 cement trucks. It’s crazy seeing all of those holes with rebar and then bang, they’re gone. Pretty amazing. On TV this step is completed in a 30 second montage, in real […]



My husband and I have always wanted to do a flip. We almost signed on with some investors in 2017 to start flipping consistently, but the payout was too small for the stress. Having investors means you’re dependent on their money and therefor cannot go at your own pace and sometimes are required to use […]

Why I started All Things New

Why I started All Things New

Our New Adventure! My sweet family ready to tear down and build up! Design is a passion of mine. I have a degree in Graphic Communication, which is a fancy way to say Graphic Design specifically for print. I am and have been a graphic designer for years, making logos, print materials, etc. However, nothing […]