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Finding a Qualified Realtor and a Home Lender

Are you starting to wonder about what is necessary to buy your first home? Maybe it’s just time for an upgrade? There are many reasons people leave their current home for something new.

I would recommend finding two people for this new endeavor, a
qualified Realtor, and a home lender. Both of these people are going to be so helpful in keeping you on track to getting what you really need and want.

A great lender can qualify you within a few days, or let you know what you’ll need to do to qualify in the future. A realtor knows the market well, and they will be going to bat for you to get you the best house for the best price that you can afford.

My job as a Realtor is to find my clients the perfect house for their family. It doesn’t mean it won’t need some minor repairs or updating, but sometimes just being able to go into a house with my clients and really think about how they would use the space is a game changer.

Let’s find a house together. Contact me to schedule a meeting.