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Renovation & Design

When you are first designing a space, you must decide on a few things:

Style, Function, Layout, & Budget.


What is your home like, what kind of style do you like or want to incorporate into your space? Stick with the same sort of style or mix styles that seem to go. Consider texture, color, lighting, pattern, wall coverings, and even plants.


What is the space and what use will it have? Don’t forget functionality. You don’t want a living room with uncomfortable sofas or not enough seating. You definitely don’t want to forget a space for family heirlooms like a china hutch or something that you know needs to fit inside a room.


Consider walkways and empty space. Don’t be worried about every design choice all at once. Sometimes it’s enough to block out space and then revisit deciding on a specific piece once you get closer to the end of your budget. If you know you want a specific painting or couch make sure you’re designing your space to accommodate it!


Don’t forget to make a detailed list of the items you want included in your budget. Stay on top of the redesign but sticking to your list of purchases. Start off with the main pieces and make sure you have enough to get those.