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My project is dragging currently. There’s been a lot of slow movement from our electricians. Family issues, holidays, etc. We should be at drywall already but with these difficulties we are still waiting on the MEPS inspection. We did get a jump on it and have a plumbing and HVAC inspection already which we passed so we have hot mopped the showers. Other than that, we’re still framing some last minute things. Like my beautiful stacking doors that were installed. I’m absolutely in love with them.

Stacking doors leading to my outdoor patio.

These stacking doors actually go into a wall when they are open. However, they install the track first and then you close them up. Surprisingly these stacking doors are equally expensive as a regular sliding door. You are going to pay a hefty price, however, for installation and for the track mechanisms. Some brands that are discounted are very difficult to maneuver though, so if you’re going to do it, do it right or you’ll  never actually use it. The brand we chose for our stacking door and slider is Western which is rather reasonable. We chose Milgard windows for the rest of our windows because of cost reasons. It was half the cost of Western. If you want to discount your windows even more choose sliding rather than crank out. Those are always the cheapest. If you’re going for a cleaner look, I recommend the crank out. It eliminates an additional line and the entire window opens which is really nice.

This is what the wall in front looks like now. They’ve framed it and are installing electrical for switches.

On the outside we’ve ordered our Terrazzo from Eso Surfaces which has been incredible to work with. They are new but have a really broad range of terrazzo. I can’t wait to get ours in. We have also stained the ceiling and decided to stain the posts black which i am loving so far. I’ll  be posting an update of that on the gram soon. Follow me for updates! Heres a start to the staining.

The ceiling is a natural oak color and the posts and large beams are going to be black. This will be the same throughout the back patio and the inside of the great room where the ceiling will receive the same treatment.

I’m so happy with how it looks but I’m dying to get to drywall. It’s funny because this is always the longest part of the process. I knew I would get antsy myself, but when you know it’s coming I’m not sure if that totally helps haha. Hoping to be done with electrical in a week so we can get our inspection and insulate. Updates to come!

~ Ande



Ande Siler

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