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We made it to drywall.

As far as a large project goes, this is a HUGE deal. This means we passed our MEPS inspection and we are two inspections away from being done! Drywall in this large of a house took a long time. Another thing most people don’t know is when you’re talking about drywall, it means three different crews coming in before painting. First there are the drywall hangers. These guys only hang drywall. Then there are the tapers. These guys only tape the drywall. And the mud-ers… you guessed it, they only mud. Now this is basically the most annoying thing in the whole world. haha but for some reason drywallers in general do not cross over. If you find someone that does all of this, hold on to them like they are money in your pocket.

Click Here to see drywallers on stilts!

Drywall is really fun to watch because it’s immediate gratification. Hole in your walls? no problem ill just screw a wall up right here. You feel like it’s getting so close to the end. Really, it’s the beginning of the end. The biggest push of your life is about to happen, and you better be on your A game because things are going to go FAST from here!
Here’s a few photos and videos of them doing some of the drywall stages. My kids really enjoyed going over there and watching them especially when they were on stilts.


Ande Siler

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