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Hip Hip Hooray I have a house to walk into… sort of.

We’ve finished the subfloor, the rough in plumbing and main is all switched out.

Side note- I highly recommend scoping your main plumbing while renovating something of this magnitude. I didn’t realize when we bought the property but our main line goes out to the back, directly in the middle of our yard. It goes directly under a huge patio we are pouring. Could you imagine a beautiful new home with an old clay pipe starting to crack. YIKES. We paid the extra and switched it out.

Seeing 9ft walls really makes it feel real that this is happening. Not featured here yet is the upstairs which is almost completely framed as well. I have been walking around the rooms trying to feel out closet sizes and walkways trying to make adjustments where I can. My Kitchen already had a change to move the sink to the island and I’m feeling good about that. We’ve ordered the steel beams which are going to be absolutely massive and I can’t wait to get the roof framed up. I’ll be posting live updates on my instagram so follow me at !


Ande Siler

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