The hub of the home…

When you walk into your kitchen you want this up here am i right? What an incredible job 1:9 Architecture does in creating a bright space with such amazing details. I’m lucky to have 1:9 Architecture help me with my space. They gave us a hand-drawn rendering of the exterior and helped us with our layout. While we did most of the design ourselves, we really needed an experienced designer like Christy Bruno to tell me I wasn’t crazy when I decided to move my sink not under a window. What do you love most about this kitchen? Tell me!

One thing I’m really into right now is colored cabinets. I love deep blue and green and also cream. I’m currently obsessing over finding the right color while my husband really wants wood. We will see who wins! haha.

My houzz page is litterally bursting with photos:

I have to point out my top one first! This kitchen is so beautiful and timeless. I love that it could really go along with many styles. It’s really a mix of styles and the cream cabinets are absolutely beautiful. I’m not sure I would leave my kitchen if it looked this good!

This kitchen is fantastic as well. So clean and bright. It feels so huge being so open and with the lack of hardware and flat panel cabinet door you really get the modern vibe. I love how long the back counter is. I’m not a huge fan of the wood on wood thing personally but I think they did a good job here with the colors. The wood cabinets are beautiful.

For more kitchens check out my houzz page here.

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