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Renovation Tips

When starting a new renovation project, it helps to focus on the following:


Decide on a budget, make sure there are contingencies for surprises, and stick to it! Worst case scenario is running out of money during a remodel. Can you imagine not being able to finish a bathroom and all of a sudden you only have a toilet and no sink and no shower? How crappy would that be? Pun-intended


Decide on a design style. If you’re only working on one or two rooms, don’t pick a style completely unlike the rest of your house unless you are going to change the rest eventually. Consult a designer if you are unsure. There’s nothing wrong with being a little out of your comfort zone and asking for help. Any advice isn’t necessarily good advice so pick wisely.

Qualified Contractor

Deciding on a contractor is important. First off, make sure they are licensed with the state you are in. Second, ask for some customer reviews, or check yelp or other places online including their own website, Instagram, etc. Other than those, check that they have time for your project and ask for a detailed bid and timeline. If all of those things line up, and you like them, sign the contract so you can get on schedule.

Be Patient and Communicate Well

I can’t stress this enough. The stress of a remodel for some is horrible. For me, I love it. However, there are few major remodels I’ve actually lived in. I’ve done some bathroom remodels, and minor kitchen and backyard renovation but when it comes to the big stuff like tearing out walls and new kitchen builds, I have always moved out. Save your sanity if at all possible. There will be dust, lots of dust, and if you don’t like that in your house, you probably shouldn’t live there while it’s invading! That being said if you are living in your remodel or don’t have the option of moving out, be patient. Communicate with your contractor about any concerns you might have and don’t wait until you’re frustrated.


Order material when you are supposed to. If you aren’t sure when to order material, ask your contractor. Windows sometimes take up to 6 weeks to be delivered! Same with other materials on back order. If you are stuck waiting on a material and you’re contractor is ready, that means he pulls his guys off your job until the material arrives. This is not ideal.

Dream Big!

Make your space beautiful! Enjoy the process by getting excited about the end result. Keep your eye on the prize!