The Order of a Remodel, What comes next?

  • Design / Architect
  • Choose a contractor
  • Demolition
  • Foundation
  • Framing
  • Windows
  • MEP (mechanical/ electrical/ plumbing)
  • Insulation
  • Flooring
  • Drywall (you’re almost there)
  • Cabinets
  • Counters
  • Fixtures
  • Exterior

Renovation question answer time!

How much is an average kitchen remodel?

Depending on the scope and size/finishes, typically 30-50K. Some larger more upscale kitchens can cost 80K depending on customized cabinetry.

If you can manage it, go for the custom cabinets. I think having them for smaller kitchens is very worth it. You can maximize every inch this way. My favorite cabinet guys are Madrigal Wood Process. They are out of orange county. Find them on our favorite businesses page.

Open floor plan vs non-open.

Most people are now asking themselves, why not open floor plan? Everyone’s doing it. My disclaimer is, how clean are you? If you aren’t super good at making sure those bills are tucked away and the sink is always clean, having a COMPLETELY open first floor might not be for you! haha.

I’ve had both types of kitchen/living rooms and I prefer a modified open floor plan. In my new home I’m opening my kitchen to the dining area but keeping the sink on a wall that’s sort of hidden from the entry. I’m pretty excited about this because I am not super passionate about dishes!

Choosing a contractor / architect / designer

Make sure you pick someone who is passionate about what they do, shows up on time, and returns phone calls. Also, make sure you pick someone licensed and bonded! You need to make sure these people come recommended. I don’t think it would hurt to ask for past clients phone numbers for recommendations and or asking for photos of past jobs. If the professional you’re looking to hire doesn’t have any of that to offer you, move on! It helps tremendously if the person you hire has a similar design aesthetic to you or at least knows what you are talking about when you say craftsman or mid-century modern. You wouldn’t pick someone unfamiliar with farmhouse style to build you your dream home if that’s what you wanted.

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