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The Challenges of Selling a Home

Selling a home can be easy or hard depending on the market, how you present your property, and how much you are actually asking. It makes sense to think there are more buyers in the $500,000 – $600,000 range than there are in the $1.5 million dollar range. Many times just that difference can mean a significant amount of time on the market.

I have seen 5 million dollar homes online that look so terrible in photos. You go there, and it’s completely different, beautiful, and I can’t understand how that photographer was hired!

Make sure your realtor is getting beautiful professional photos and don’t use them if they don’t look good. Putting a first impression online is a BIG DEAL. You basically get one shot at going onto the market.

Don’t despair if you think your house doesn’t look so presentable right now. Chances are with some light TLC and some great staging, your house can be just as beautiful as you need it to be to get top dollar.

Don’t forget that hiring a Realtor who knows how to stage and present a house is a big deal. It’s important to find someone who thinks about how buyers will see the property.

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